10 Best Transactional Email Services

Updated on Jul 27, 2020 07:18 pm

Transactional emails are usually generated in response to an action performed by a user containing crucial information like password resets, billing and shipping receipts etc. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) guarantees safe delivery of transactional emails to appropriate customers. Briefed below are a few SMTP services acknowledged worldwide.


SendinBlue enables hassle free transfer of transactional mails to validated email addresses of various customers. It also helps in tracking down the activity of the mails that are being sent. SendinBlue aids in sorting out spam mails from the actual and important ones. Transactional SMS can also be sent through SendinBlue that enables easy marketing. It is popular, reliable and easy to use. SendinBlue also provides an official WordPress login. Its pricing is reasonable and very much affordable to all users.


Mailgun was developed by teams operating under the RackSpace Corporations. It enables stress free email transfers to all entrepreneurs and developers worldwide. Mailgun not only provides email deliveries to prescribed customers, but also ensures the authenticity of the email addresses of the customers to which they are delivered. It also enables its users to create sectional compartments for the different domains that are to be added and thereby assures easy managing of personal and official mails. Mailgun offers an official login to WordPress as well.


Sendgrid is one among the transactional email services that are best known to users and developers across the globe. It is even more popular as it is available for free unlike many of its competitors. Sendgrid is basically a cloud based transactional email service that caters delivery of bulk mails to its customers. It helps in sending purchase receipts to its subscribers and responses to customer enquiries through mails. It also aids in managing incoming mails. Sendgrid also offers an official plug-in to WordPress.

Amazon SES

Amazon Simple email services, usually abbreviated as Amazon SES, is one of the most trusted email services developed by the company (Amazon.com) themselves to facilitate better communication and services to its customers. The functioning assist in collecting information regarding the emails delivered and notifies the rejected ones. On the other hand Amazon SES, does not offer a login for WordPress. The mechanism allows users to pay only for the services they actually use and therefore they are considered cost efficient than any other transactional email service.


Postmark is recognised as one of the fastest transactional email service enabling quick transmission of emails between subscribers and users with its delivery time recorded to be less than 10 seconds. It aids in finding out the mails that are actually opened by the customers and the time spent by them in reading the mails they receive. Users are provided with a searchable history for a time period of 45 days through which they can track down mails that are opened, rejected and bounced. It also helps in finding out the location of the customers at which the mails sent to them are notified and read. It consists of an official plug-in for WordPress.


Mandrill is one of the notable transactional mail service developed by MailChimp. It is considered to be a convenient and a safe platform to transfer mails which assures zero issues concerning mail deliveries. It proves highly useful in sending data-based and privatised messages and mails related to commercial operations. Mandrill helps in finding out the exact number of mails that are actually opened, read, rejected and bounced amongst the ones that are delivered. It seems highly affordable to all its users.


Pepipost is cloud based software, highly reliable in sending large amounts of emails to various customers beneath the sky. The mechanism is simple and easy to understand and use. Pepipost is highly recommended to developers to send in confidential messages and serves to be the safest transactional platform. Like any other transactional service, it also helps in finding out the opening rate, bounce rate and the rejection rates of the mails that are delivered and it also sends in notifications whenever there is a withdrawal of subscription made by its customer. It is known to have the best protocols that efficiently fight spams and its delivery guidelines are highly secure and safe.


Mailjet, considered to be the most powerful transactional mail service, is well known among the general public for its reliable hosting and functioning. It is also helpful in sending large scale mails to varied customers across the globe. Its notable feature includes the ability to carry out split testing. Mailjet allows clear segregation of the data collected and management of the contacts gathered throughout the process. It is useful in developing creative newspaper templates. The guidelines offered by Mailjet aim in developing a complete professional outlook to the mails that are to be delivered.


Sparkpost helps in sending privatised mails that consists of templates of the HTML type that are known to support all kind of variables. It allows users to investigate and note down the activities of its customers concerning the mail, once having being delivered and aids in finding out the locations in which its performance is great and tracks down places in which its functioning can be improved and altered. Efficient data segregation is also possible through Sparkpost. It offers various designing facilities that help in developing a creative and an impressive outlook for its emails that are in line for its deliveries.

Elastic mail

Elastic mail is a widely recognised transactional service, used by various companies to ensure quick delivery of their mails. Its userface is considered user friendly. The services offered by elastic mail are highly applaudable by its customers. It ensures a cent percent guarantee in delivery of its mails to the prescribed recipients. Elastic mail is popular in providing customer support all around the clock. It also enables in maintaining contacts and segregating the data gathered. Users are provided with a free login to elastic mail to facilitate smooth functioning. From being offered free at its very beginning, elastic mail now comes with varied affordable packages to its users.

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